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    The original aim of Magma was to convert Rust++ to Javascript, but our main goal was to make C# plugins available to the general public. They offer a much more efficient and effective way to implement new features and allow you to use every single Game API in a natural way.

    For GSPs: Unfortunately, there is no proper sandboxing yet, which means that C# code can access and do pretty much anything. Even though this might seem to be a problem, but Oxide and Magma never actually restricted plugins from using file I/O or networking, they simply made it a bit harder. This means that either you already implemented all the required security measures, or your servers were never actually secure.

    Of course, having all these C# plugins doesn't make JS plugins completely obsolete. We are currently working on a new implementation of Magma's JavaScript engine using V8, which will offer even more power, stability, and performan

    Fougerite is almost fully compatible with Magma plugins. In fact, magma plugins run faster than before.
    However, there is one exception. You have to change all references to "Magma" namespace in your plugins to "Fougerite".
    For more information visit Fougerite Download Section, at the resources or at the Downloads section.

    The Documentation for Fougerite is pretty much the same as Magma's, but we added some new methods. It will be uploaded soon.

    EquiFox & xEnt. - For their original work of Magma
    Riketta - Project Founder, Main Developer, Fixed countless bugs
    alexknvl - Developer
    DreTaX - Developer, Tester
    Kergecirmos - Web Designer
    Azarus - Developer, working on V8 implementation
    mikec -Developer, working on Jint 2.2 implementation
    balu - Developer, Jint 2.2 & Jurassic
    Ramm - Web Developer, Tester
    Core - Tester
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by DreTaX, Jul 16, 2014.

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