Fougerite Official server IP Address Change

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by mikec, Nov 10, 2014.

By mikec on Nov 10, 2014 at 9:37 PM
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    FPSplayers had to move the server off of failing hardware. Effective now, the server's new address is:

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by mikec, Nov 10, 2014.

    1. Pyrate
      Hey I joined the server last night but there doesn't seem to be anyone who plays on there. I built a base anyway, it has no roof at the moment so I really hope the admins are nice enough not to raid my ass.
    2. h0wHigh
      It's not meant for a population, i think its just their for testing purposes of plugins etc.
    3. Pyrate
      Oh ok, makes sense. Do you know why it's advertised then?
    4. h0wHigh
      I think merely for the purpose so people can go on there and test them and see how they are.
    5. Pyrate
      Oh ok. I guess my amazing build for for nothing? :(
    6. Pyrate
      REPORT: In that case, I did find a problem with the Crush plugin. When I tried using it, it failed to do anything. I tried the /crush command and it gave me no indication that it was turned on or working.

      So I tried it by trying to remove a campfire by hitting it with my hatchet and hunting bow but neither worked.
    7. h0wHigh
      I believe crush is only available for admins etc, /destroy is available for players.
    8. mikec
      There was a problem on the server when you logged in that was causing plugin commands not to work. Not sure what it was, but restarting fixed it. I have /crush enabled for players, but it only destroys structure parts, but unlike /destroy it will destroy it whether or not it has another part above it. So you can make castles in the sky and stuff.

      I don't currently have DestroyMode installed, but that will destroy deployables.

      The server is used for testing, yes, but I also would like players to live on it. I login at least once a day to make sure things are still running OK, and spend several hours a week logged in trying new stuff. I was contacted by a player who was looking for a new home for his clan, and they all came the weekend before last and played for hours and built most of the structures. I wiped it so they could have a fresh start. But they couldn't get any of their rival clans to come. So they haven't been back. And I've not seen the ones who friended me playing Rust much or at all since. So they may not have been all that into it.

      I really dig Legacy, and am not as enthusiastic about new Rust just yet. If you have friends who are looking for a server to call home, and rivals who want to play too, I would welcome you all with open arms. You want airdrops when you login, you got 'em. No military gear, no problem. I'll setup the server to your taste.

      I have some really cool shit to finish after I get Rust++ repaired. I'm going to need players to test it. How do you feel about getting a Steam message, or an email, or a txt message, when your house is attacked? What if you could setup your house so that it could defend itself for a while until you can login with your friends?
    9. h0wHigh
      That sounds good mikec! im not a fan of the new rust either. And i want to get people into Fougerite hence my requests as i believe legacy is still quite strong with mods. If you need a tester let me know, i'll be happy to help. That base alarm attack ive seen in Oxide, would be great to see it here. Interesting about the second one :)
    10. DreTaX
      Same here. Imma try to focus on fougerite plugins too and finish the god damn HungerGamss

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