Important Fougerite's last supportive update has been released. (1.7.9)

I have either closed(1) or implemented or fixed the issues that were on the Fougerite github issue list. Since legacy is pretty much dead, and we can't compete with other growing games by modifying an old game from 2013. Can you believe It? 7 years have passed ever since! It was in 2014 when I first started writing crappy javascript plugins to Magma. It was 4 years ago when I decided to not let down legacy, and work on an open source API platform that anybody could take advantage of. Over these years I have almost completely became familiar with the source code of rust legacy. My current knowledge has just grown ever since, It was that made me begin learning. Over 2.5 years I am mainly doing reverse engineering related projects to enchance my knowledge further. You can mainly find that work either on my github ( or on I urge anyone wanting to become familiar with hacking is welcome there. Just don't be a wannabe, because Rake drops ban hammer for that quite frequently. I see Fougerite project complete now, It has everything that It needs. You may push additional request, however from now on the project is semi-active. This means that I no longer tend to support Fougerite due to lack of time. For critical bug fixes you may expect me to fix It urgently. I wish there was another game that I had that much interest in to build out a full modding API for. My desires aim for GTFO, and other upcoming UnityEngine projects. Maybe a game by myself. Who knows. As for RustBuster I tend to release one more supportive update, with new hooks/features. I think we brough Rust Legacy's best out of the years. The website will remain available as long as I can pay for my server. I wish I knew the things I know now in 2016.

Here are the latest changes that will be merged after some testing to the main branch and released. For the permission system I'll try to update all my plugins to It once I have the time, except Rust++ (Sorry)

Special thanks to @salva @BogdanWDK @Revezunds @4g3v @McRustReloaded @Snake

Lastly the old pals which some of them I keep contact with, but dropped out years ago: @Alexknv@Riketta @balu92 @mikec @EquiFox @xEnt @MasterPeace @Austin @h0wHigh @maughanorama @tarynkelley @NewAge and lastly @DraB
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Retired Staff
Retired Staff
Feb 2, 2015
I've received an e-mail from you today : )

Thank you for remembering me even that I didn't help at all, lol :D You rather was helping me, always like 1-2 years of knowledge ahead. :)

I stopped my Rust interest after closing my own server (Survival Ducks). Even that people liked to play on it, I found myself wasting too much time on banning cheaters and on server development. It was 5 years ago, wow! Wish I knew more back in a days too, could maybe create anti-cheat based on machine learning or something LOL : ).

It's cool to know that you still alive and doing something, improving your skills. Especially in these "weird times" around the world. Hope you earn some good cash by doing whatever you doing today. Based on what you wrote I guess you are more into making cheats than fighting against them :D. Whatever makes you happy.

I'm personally not into games anymore, even that from time to time it's tempting. Started to finally work in IT, currently for around 3 years as a remote developer (web apps), recently trying to learn python and AI/ML basics.

But I know you are probably very skilled today and if you create your own game any day (I know it's a great industry, talked with couple of people who work in it, from graphics to programmers, so I suggest you to try if you have time and patience :)) be sure to send me a link on email and I'll buy and try it : ).

Thanks for all your work and help.

Be strong and follow your dreams : ).