Idea for a possible update to HomeSystem 2.6.5


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Apr 20, 2020
I really like this plugin.

I just think it can be too easy to throw a foundation down and have a place to teleport to. I kind of wish it knew if the foundation was enclosed with walls, door, and a ceiling. or possibly with even a sleeping bag down also. And what would happen if you tried to hit a foundation before all those parameters were met, would mean an announcement would come up saying something like "this foundation has not been made into an home yet". Possibly even say whats is missing before it will work.

Because with out decay foundations are permanent and with this home system raiders cannot steal peoples property. I think it would also be cool that if certain conditions were met a players home teleport location could be removed. Such as someone else placing a door on you property after blowing yours clean off, removing your sleeping bag from the foundation, or removing enough wall/ceilings.

I don't know code that well, it is probably really hard to make something like that work. Let me know your thoughts about it.

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