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Plugin Developer
Apr 9, 2017
Hi Guys
For some economic reasons i won't run ParsisGame Rust server again and i decided to help another guys who they have good situation but need some ideas or helps!
also i learned Programming here in this nice Community (not by Video or Class) what i did to learn was just exploring another Developers codes and try to understand them and their structure!to be honest i got a little help from internet and i asked other Developers a lot (and they answered my every time with the best method)
anyway i just share these codes here to give you guys more examples
some of these plugins are already made but in another programming language like Python(RemoveTool, FPS,AdminTools)
as my experiences Python is clearly SHIT with Unity Engine 4.5.1!so i recommend you to translate all of your Python Plugins to C#!
now i will explain every plugin that you can find in my github (

This is an admin control system that will Log every simple actions that admins do in a txt file!so you can control your admins and server easy!
i tried my best in this plugin to block most of abuses that an admin can do!for example i added Clans Plugin support to it (method from AntiBugOnSpawn by salva/juli) to prevent Admins to teleport to their clanmates!or they can't teleport till they go in OnDuty mode!in OnDuty mode they can't Build or Damage anyone!also everyone can understand from chat when an admins goes on Duty!you can develop this plugin more and Prevent Looting in OnDuty and .....

idea ==> (
but i removed some things from it like Sleepers Log,Leave/Join Log
i just did it cause my plan was translate all my Server Python Plugins to C#

idea ==> (
it does samething as FPSBoost plugin but it is in C# and it works like a jet and i didn't put timer (maybe you wanna add it yourself, but i have not needed timer for it)

idea ==> (
it does samething as DestroySystem but it doesn't have /destroyall
also i added /sharelist in this plugin cause my players were going to kill me for it!but this sharelist is not perfect and just shows player names if they are online ( if not you can just see their steamids)

this plugin idea was not mine too but i think i have seen it in many servers
with this plugin you can use useless items of RustLegacy like WeaponPart & Armor Part and encourage Players to collect them!you can add same for Ammo too!

it will give every online player a random item for reward,i bet you can do better things with this one

idea ==>(
i just write this one for my discord raid log(but i removed discord log parts from github,maybe i will add it later)
also it doesn't support Offline Raid!

my server had bug problem (randomly my server got bugged and no one was abble to join / open doors / ...)
also i am human not a bot, so i was not able to restart server every time it got bugged, so i did this to make my DM clear from "Plz Restart Server its bugging" Messages!
also i added a admin restart cmd in it (cause sometimes server will get bugged early than your Restart Timer)

also i have to say my only purpose for this topic is help guys who are interested in C#! All Python Plugins that i mentioned are more complete than what i did
so please use this topic only when you are going to write your plugin with your tastes!
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