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    Dear users of Fougerite,

    Next week I will be probably be inactive most of the time. The reason of this that I'm having really important exams on May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. I need to pass these exams with a good result to get into the University. (Send me those positive energy haha, I really need to pass)

    Life has been pushing me back a little bit. (Government)

    I took an Advanced I.T exam a year ago, I made the programming part 45/45, World Doc 22/30, Excel 6/15, SQL 6/30

    On the Oral Exam, I also pulled the hardest crap, and I still don't know how did I do 17/30

    Obviously I was like I'm able to re-do It 3 times, since I still have one year. But nope, the government got us a nice new law, which doesn't allow you to re-do the Advanced Exam until you got your graduation papers (Which happens at the last grade, which I'm in now....)

    So basically I got screwed, I have an "okay" exam, and a so-so enough points average (47+50 points because It's an advanced exam)

    You can imagine what happened to somebody who got really bad results at that year....

    So because of that I took an Advanced English Graduation after 5 months so I can actually get +50 points from that (Even If I don't get the English exam points)

    I got It pretty nice It was 66%, so I had (66+50), and I was glad I made myself +50 points, and giving myself a higher chance to get into the UNI.

    Well nope, new law again, I can't get the 50, because the I.T Engineering course doesn't have the English subject as a requirement (Only I.T, Maths, Physics)

    So yeah, I was stuck at 47+50, the upcoming math points, the little average of the future literature/history points, and the average of my current grades.

    The Advanced English Exam gave me a medium level of (B2) language exam, which gives 28 points.
    So It's actually the above and +28

    I tried two times to get a C1 language exam, but failed. (It would give me 40 points instead of 28)
    IELTS exam required me only 1% to get It... Only 1... Another exam that I did now, I failed with 5%.....

    So I got kinda fucked up, but they always say you need to get up on a failure...

    Another law came in 2 weeks ago, any new language exam in May is invalid for the University applications...

    So to summerize It, If I write a 60% Literature, 60% History, (And If I really concentrate and do my very best, and put all my knowledge into It) write an 80% Maths

    Calculating with my grades average, my exams average, Maths + I.T, Extra points (50 + 28)

    I get 355 points. It's not enough for the 1st university, (375 is required), but It is enough for the others that are close, (347, 342, 335, 322, 280) If I had my C1 exam, I would have 367 points, which would be a lot better.

    If I could make It like this, or even better, I would have no problems sitting here all day all night and doing all these modifications for the project.

    So yes.... Kinda on a big thing at the moment.

    IF I finish good in May, I can finally finish RustBuster at once, do extra modifications and stuffs.

    The new hooks that I'm going to do this weekend, Is OnItemPickup, and there is a possibility on OnItemDropped.

    I'm sorry guys, but this stuff is really important for me, If I would like to have programming as my job.

    I promise If I studyed the shit out of myself, and did a great exam, I will do everything.

    After these modifications on the weekend, If you can, keep your fingers crossed for me, and send those positive energies for me, karma will give It back I promise! :D


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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by DreTaX, Apr 23, 2016.

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