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By DreTaX on Jan 5, 2017 at 12:33 PM
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    Dear users of Fougerite,

    Now with the last 1.3.0B release, which seems pretty stable, and has all the bugs solved, my possible next steps will be working on the Plugin/Modding Section of the client.

    Obviously the Plugin API would be a built in thing in the client, and It would download the plugins from the server. Obviously building out a system may take time, ensuring It's safety and It's stability.

    The second thing, which I'm still not aware of yet, but @Snake will be looking in It possibly, is adding new stuffs to the game, such as objects, NPCs, Items, etc. We will see If we can do this or no, but obviously this will be the hardest thing If It's possible.

    Now besides these two facts, my important exams are coming up on the University, so I will probably be "semi-active" for a while again. I have 3 exams left, 2 out of them can be tried 2 times, and one of them can be tried only once.

    I will have to focus on these in-order to go through this semester, It is really neccessary.

    I hope you guys had very great holidays, you will be hearing from us!

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by DreTaX, Jan 5, 2017.

    1. Brain
      I want to ask - isn't it easier just to re-release the game?Take unity5 with its system Unet - I had this idea , but making one is very boring :(
    2. SAMBA
      Greetings and Regards
      I Have an idea
      Create a register account page or command like /register for rust
      all player data saved on this
    3. DreTaX
      Post It in the right forum.


      Code (Text):
      1/5/2017 10:01:06 AM [Console] [RustBuster Players] 76561197961762770 aa0aed57db6741143c0219fcff7bdb154d21b52c
      1/5/2017 10:01:17 AM [Console] [RustBuster Login] head250 - 76561197961762770 - aa0aed57db6741143c0219fcff7bdb154d21b52c
      1/5/2017 10:01:17 AM [Console] [RustBuster Version Check] 76561197961762770 1.3.0B
      1/5/2017 10:01:18 AM [Console] [RustBuster ImageQuality Check] 76561197961762770 aa0aed57db6741143c0219fcff7bdb154d21b52c
      1/5/2017 10:01:18 AM [Console] [RustBuster CheckingIfAdmin] 76561197961762770 aa0aed57db6741143c0219fcff7bdb154d21b52c NO

      1/5/2017 10:05:45 AM [Console] [RustBuster Hacking] 76561197961762770 aa0aed57db6741143c0219fcff7bdb154d21b52c
      I wonder why people try hacking...

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