Important [READ ME] Plugin Release Rules

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Jun 29, 2014
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To add a new resource, go to the resources point, and then click "Add Resource". When you upload your code, your plugin will be visible here, after approval. One of our moderators will check the code, and approve it, if it doesn't contain malicious code. Once your plugin is approved, you will receive the Plugin Developer rank, if your plugin is harder to do then just a welcome message or what ever.

In Fougerite forums, we despise code steal if you provide no credits. If a user reports your addon, saying you didn't credit him, and If It's obvious, you will be warned, your addon may gets deleted, and after several tries, you may get banned.

If you see a plugin which wasn't uploaded here, but the Author is still active, please ask him/her to upload it here, or ask for permission.

If the author is inactive on gomagma, you can upload it here.

Please keep this in mind while posting plugins.

Thanks: Fougerite Team.
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