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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by DreTaX, Jan 13, 2017.

By DreTaX on Jan 13, 2017 at 9:31 PM
  1. DreTaX

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    Jun 29, 2014
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    Dear users of Fougerite,

    How would you imagine RustBuster's Scripting side? Which language? It would download scripts from the server? Do you need any special sorta thing? GUIs? Anything? Add any special obfuscation?
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  1. C# Dll

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  2. C# css file

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  3. Python file

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by DreTaX, Jan 13, 2017.

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    1. Jakkee
      My vote is on C# cs
      Just as easy as Python, As fast as C# just without the compiling.

      I've always wanted to stream loading music and change the connecting/loading screen to something better
    2. gintaras
      I imagine making new items like spear crossbow new building parts
    3. Mehran
      Is it possible to add new objects map sound or ... ?
    4. xandeturf
      Options to have more FPS : Remove all grams, remove all clouds ... etc
    5. Jakkee
      That would be just textures. So if we can send new objects like weapons and sounds I can't see why we can't send world textures.
      But that will be awhile away.
      Also if you can't play Rust on lowest settings then I don't think rust is for you, but you can play on a lower resolution (Full screen) too impove fps
    6. MasterPeace
      So is it working now? Did Dretax made it? And do he plans to inject client more?
    7. Jakkee
    8. MasterPeace
      Great job man @DreTaX . I finally have client and server side script. I didn't thought you could make it to the end. Have couple of basic ideas for client, so when you'll work on injecting client more, contact me I could provide some testing scripts.

      Now I want to launch my server like for month and train making mods/plugins little bit. Have important project coming up so it will warm me up :)
    9. MasterPeace
      Just realized you actually asked more questions than just language.

      Here is my "Dream List":

      Client should download mod before connecting to server, and save to different directory for example:
      --> server_name_1 -> mod.dll
      --> server_other_name -> mod.dll

      If it's possible, would be cool to get obfuscated code/secured package, so more advanced servers couldn't be copied. Best would be if we could also use our own libraries in mod, for example add second sound library to play some custom sounds, just whatever we like and whatever will work with old .net framework/unity.

      1. Add custom image for server loading, client-side with client, or server-side to download,
      2. Use built in Unity GUI - imagine displaying popup with server info, instead of writing all in chat,
      3. Add custom objects to the map (textured 3D models) - of course for more advanced developers,
      4. Add custom usable objects - for best developers.

      And as it will be hard AF, I would be really happy if we could at least:
      - add custom images to server connection screen,
      - add custom objects to the map / or create/modify and use different map than Rust default.
    10. xandeturf
      Players complain a lot of horrible fps, if possible remove clouds and grams.
    11. DreTaX
    12. Jakkee
      I doubt removing clouds will do anything...
      Look up into the sky you'll find you'll get more FPS.
    13. salva
      Maybe change this old message !!!! warning.jpg
    14. DreTaX
      I would, but dunno where is It.
    15. SAMBA
      Add new items to rust and if possiple (new map !!!)
    16. Jakkee
      Assmebly-CSharp -> Loadingscreen.infoText.Text = "Some text here" maybe?
      EDIT Seems to be for the progress bar
    17. SAMBA
      Can edit for me ?for my serveR?
    18. DreTaX
      Oh seems right. Maybe adding the downloading rustbuster plugins can be a good idea too.
    19. Jakkee
      Would be cool showing the name of the plugin or just downloading server plugins 0 to 100% on the loading bar
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