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By DreTaX on Jan 22, 2016 at 9:05 PM
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    I feel like facepunch writing posts about progress....

    Anyways, finally I had the time, and I got the communication between the client and the server using the SecureBlackboxAPI. Thank god I finally found that since I mentioned this is the third time I was re-writing this crap out of nothing. (The SSL part) Now I just need to finalize the communication between the client-server, and ensure they are sending and reading the messages in the good way. I also have to make sure that If someone would block the communication I would immediately make the client exit. I also have to do a handler at the server side to be able to handle multiple connections at the same time, which shouldn't be too complicated I guess.

    After these things are done, I will give @Snake the hand to make sure the It is secured mostly in the client side.

    From that point I guess I could do a test with my guys, then do a show off test with you guys, and then some minimal modifications at the server side and I guess we are done.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by DreTaX, Jan 22, 2016.

    1. Virobeast
      Cheers for the update, looking forward to it.
    2. tarynkelley
      Just as a matter of interest. Will it be necessary to run Rust Client as an Administrator in order to get RustBuster to work?
    3. DreTaX
      I was thinking on It. I have even written the code for It, just unsused atm. It would be good If I could from a point where the program can safely do It's own stuff without permission problems I guess. I don't know.
    4. xandeturf
      Hello , I would like to know the progress of the project, and are in need of help. my skype: deathofrust
    5. DreTaX
      Death of rust? Sounds like the guy who made the teleportation hacks.

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    6. xandeturf
      I think you have the wrong information . I did the tpr anti -hack to my server , and other protections for purposes .
    7. DreTaX
      I was just guessing.
    8. Anaman ︻芫═───
      Anaman ︻芫═───
      Good day - how can I get this mod or plugin He is ready or under development ?
    9. Jakkee
      Currently not released, As far as I know it sounds pretty close to a completed state
    10. xandeturf
    11. Ằʑyɱổĸ☏ ✈ 2
      Ằʑyɱổĸ☏ ✈ 2
      Project abandoned?Information about the promotion no
    12. Virobeast
      Yeah an update on this would be awesome, or open up the git for others to help contribute.
    13. Jakkee
      I think this is on Hold as his plugin AdvancedTester catches cheats very well
    14. Banox

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