Should RustBuster change rust version too?

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by DreTaX, Dec 29, 2015.

By DreTaX on Dec 29, 2015 at 12:51 PM
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    While RustBuster has It's own version to check, should It change the version of rust?
    This means that only those people can join who are clearly using the updated rust.

    I was also thinking that if the original steam files were changed steam might update rust itself again. Ew
  1. Yes, change It so people can notice that their client is outdated

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  2. No

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by DreTaX, Dec 29, 2015.

    1. Mehran
      Yes I think it needed to
    2. Virobeast
      Depends if you can spit a custom message back telling them where to get the client anticheat / client update.
    3. tarynkelley
      RustBuster cannot work independently from the client version (at least 1069 Protocol Version)?

      What is the latest Rust Legacy Version on steam? 12.03.2015?
    4. DreTaX
      It can. I was just thinking on changing It, so I'm gaining opinions.

      Yes. 2015 03
    5. DreTaX
      I think so.
    6. tarynkelley
      Which Resources would RustBuster use to update the Rust Client? What happens when you are using a cracked Rust Client version?
    7. Sturt
      Well I'm not too sure if I understand this correctly, but if you are talking about as in your client needing a update to keep up with the server then I think that should be up to the server to let everyone know to update their client. There can be many reasons for this, if lets say the server will not be able to be updated for another couple of days, then the players wont be able to join the server they love. Another reason is what if something goes wrong, that will affect everyone rather then just a few servers who updated and informed the rest of the community to wait for a further update. As in the "main" one that I think is gonna be made, that should just list the server updated for the current version of the client and servers who are not. But the "personal clients" I think, should be up to the servers to manage. Now if I am not understanding this correctly, my opinion might change entirely.
    8. DreTaX
      Currently we modify the Assembly csharp + rustbuster dll. Cracked? Nothing. Same files would go on, I will definetely have to make a link that which client files Im using. If I want to make this compatible I need people to use the 2015 03 files. Thats why I was asking if i should modify the game version so people can notice that something changed. This is good for versioning but RustBuster will have Its own one too. The dosadvantage on this that older clients wouldnt be able to join up. But as usual the messages eill be there to notify them.

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    9. PreFiX
      Just change the version...
    10. NocheX
      Hey, great project :)

      what does it scan for in cracked rust ? because there is no assembly c-sharp I think..
    11. DreTaX
      That's not the version which RustBuster is going to use.
    12. Virobeast
      Would love to see a project progress thread ;), I am very keen to help support it and gain momentum on this with other server owners who also wish to keep up to date on your progress.

      I would of said github it but I know your direction for the project :), however any sub modules feel free to put up for contribution.
    13. DreTaX
      Im all done but some little things remaining. I had to rewrite the SSL part because Microsofts API is buggy on mono. Now the only problem I face is that when I try to write to the stream the connection disconnects.

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    14. tarynkelley
      Is it possible to add a detection for running Lag Switches and Autohotkey Scripts?
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    15. DreTaX
      What sort of scripts?
    16. Virobeast
      Hey may just mean a general process killer, so say if autohotkey is running or something like that to be watching for the process and to kill it.
    17. watsitfts
      I do not agree. Experimental Rust almost every day launches new updates and this will force you to work too hard on plugin, module and other codes ... Bad idea
    18. DreTaX
      We are aware of that, that is why pluton mod is cancelled for a time.

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