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Dear DreTax
I have been playing rust legacy for years. Thanks to fougerite and your contribution I can host a rust legacy server but I can't see it on rust legacy server list. How can I add it on server list? If you help me, I'll be happy.
Have a nice day.
سلام بهبه کینگر جون چطوره
خوبی داداش
من واقعا داشتم استریم میدادم
هرچی میگم میگی دروغه نه وی راسته
درباره اون فش بد هم معذرت می خوام
How is it that I get into trouble every time I connect. Do I need to update every time?
I would like to ask you if you could change my birth date, i created this account like 3-4 years ago and i wasn't really paying attention to it
sir i have been hosting a server for 4 years and now i am thinking of going fougerite
hi my name is lund im new to this but looking to become an admin in rust buster