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Hello, can you teach me how to make a fougerite complement? My idea is to add friends. What I want is for the user's name to be highlighted in green and to be seen from a long distance. Let me know if you can help me with that. how can I do it?
Hello Kinger, can u unban me on your server? i got banned for no reason, admin didnt check me or anything, just banned me without talkin anything
just unban me and check me please, i want to play..
Name: Supreme - 76561197960617950
Server: - 28015 - 28017
I WILL DELETE THIS AFTER U ANSWER ME, moderator accept it, i dont know any other capabilities to contact with kinger..
Hi man Sorry for my Late answer... Your unbanned
hello paralix, i got banned on ur IRAN/Tehran gaming server, becouse of nothing i just raided admin clan online and he banned me for that, my nickname: Supreme, i hope i will get unbanned
after u answer i will delete it, thanks bro
Dear DreTax
I have been playing rust legacy for years. Thanks to fougerite and your contribution I can host a rust legacy server but I can't see it on rust legacy server list. How can I add it on server list? If you help me, I'll be happy.
Have a nice day.
سلام بهبه کینگر جون چطوره
خوبی داداش
من واقعا داشتم استریم میدادم
هرچی میگم میگی دروغه نه وی راسته
درباره اون فش بد هم معذرت می خوام
How is it that I get into trouble every time I connect. Do I need to update every time?
I would like to ask you if you could change my birth date, i created this account like 3-4 years ago and i wasn't really paying attention to it
sir i have been hosting a server for 4 years and now i am thinking of going fougerite