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Stop spamming Gibberish on the forum to gain access and approval, Visit the Introduction section and start from there. We are not a website to spam and download JUNK. we want to know our community and give access to those who are really mature and understand how stuff works in the virtual world and respect the community guidelines. your post named "asdadafafa" with content "adaafafafzdada" is rejected.
Hello, I have a question in my head and I wanted to share, It would be possible to get files from "Rust Legacy with Zumbi" and add it to RustBuster, I have the Lancher and Server Files with zombie
i was banned at your Server for doing an "not real" shoot to a person...
(He was standing on the right side of a stone but was lagging)(maybe Serverside he was behind....) and i was directly banned... Maybe we can talk together and fix this bug ?
lg gamesjore
Hey Salva, i have a favor to ask, respond when u see the message.
i want to make rustbuster server
can you help me to do that?
No sadly.
There are plenty of videos on the forum which show you how to do it.
if i make a server can you add it to rust buster?
Please fix my problem

hi !
my RustBusterServer 1.9.5 and i use Fougerite Official 1.7.2 but i have problem when palyer connect to my server have error you are not using RustBuster but my player have
RustBuster Client 1.7.4 and i have plugin AuthAllow in my pyplugin i see all commends there are so many problems to connect a servers, You do not have an answer!
Disable the checkweapon and movement options.
Aye, I'm having trouble with RustBuster, recently, I got false banned and I crashed. From there every time I attempt to run rust.exe (I've tried to run as admin, ran the rust buster application and run verifier and updater) I just crash in loading screen, it doesn't give me the log, but just quits and throws me to desktop. Please help, ASAP.

Hi DreTax can we please talk on discord for a few min it would be a honour for me to talk to you the person who saved Rust i would also like to talk to some of your team members and iven make a video of how to use fougerite and show the world how good the servers are that your team made i think with fougeritte you might be able to bring rust Legasy back to steam
That's what the public chat of the discord is for.
I'm from Brazil, and if possible, I would like you to clarify a pertinent question

I am working on a project for a new server, but I decided to change from Oxide to Fougerite, I would like to know how I can install this plugin on my server, with it, I will have possibilities of ideas for the PVP arena.


Thanks and I await your response.
ice cold
ice cold
To have better contact with the plugin developers and the admins its the best if you join our discord channel (if you have discord ofcourse)
I hope i'll see you around.