Oct 24, 2018
  • Description:

    From 1.9.0 RustBuster now supports sending DirectX keystrokes to the game.
    You can send mouse, and keyboard inputs.

    Code (C#):

    // Simulate that the key is being pressed down.
    KeyboardAPI.SendKey(KeyboardAPI.DirectXKeyStrokes.DIK_F2, false, KeyboardAPI.InputType.Keyboard);
    // Simulate that the key is not pressed anymore, therefore It was pressed.
    KeyboardAPI.SendKey(KeyboardAPI.DirectXKeyStrokes.DIK_F2, true, KeyboardAPI.InputType.Keyboard);
    You may also simulate mouse inputs:
    Code (C#):

    KeyboardAPI.SendKey(KeyboardAPI.DirectXKeyStrokes.DIK_LEFTMOUSEBUTTON, false, KeyboardAPI.InputType.Mouse);

    KeyboardAPI.SendKey(KeyboardAPI.DirectXKeyStrokes.DIK_LEFTMOUSEBUTTON, true, KeyboardAPI.InputType.Mouse);