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    Emerald Gaming

    is this the latest ip of emerald?
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    Dedicated server setup ?

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    why this code doesn't works ?

    Named file as Are you getting any errors?
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    Launcher Error

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    RustBuster is the local address of your PC not the actual IP.
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    That's a freaking local server ip.
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    Fougerite Official

    DreTaX updated Fougerite Official with a new update entry: 1.7.9E Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Fougerite Official - 1.7.9E

    Patcher updated, re patch or use the prepatched dlls. Fougerite.dll updated Rust++ dll updated Code fixes LootEvent no longer uses timer, but proper value return
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    Fougerite Official

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    Launcher Error

    I'll take a look on 16th.
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    Fougerite Official

    You need to update the Rust++ dll aswell.