Fougerite wants to know It's community more

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Dear users of Fougerite,

We have made some changes on the website, which will affect passive users.
You are no longer able to download resources without having atleast 1 post.
I suggest you to introduce yourself here, because spam is prohibited, and useless posts will not be approved. (

You are also limited to 15 downloads / day. If you become more active on the forums, and have atleast 5 approved posts, you will receive a "Trusted Member" group title.
After that you are able to post to the forums without approvals, and you are also able to download as many resources you would like.

Doxygen Documentation

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Dear users of Fougerite,

The doxygen documentation is now available HERE.
I know I should have done this a long ago, you may use this to get explanation on how things work on fougerite aside of the inside docs.

Fougerite Discord Server

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I have created a discord server for faster support and discussion.
Might boost up the amount of help, but you may want to use the forum so others can also check It out.

Join us on discord here.