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    What link are you trying to download something from? I think I have an example of downloading an MP3 somewhere on my PC - I’ll dig this up and post here for you
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    Probably the WebClient using System.Net; //... WebClient Client = new WebClient (); Client.DownloadFile("", @"C:\folder\Fougerite-Logo.png");
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    AdminPlus - 3.1.0

    I have recompiled the sources from jakkee's github. Bunch of new features with rustbuster support. Screenshots are on the page, no official changelog. I also fixed some minor stuffs, such as null refs, and compatibility issues. Added permissions support.
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    Legacy server requirements

    I’m pretty sure you’d only need a 2core CPU. Also high GHz (4 or more ghz) would help a lot!
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    Updated Server

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    Auth failed: steam auth denied user

    You need AuthAllow Plugin
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    Approved AutoKit in C#

    Can confirm link is broken
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    Maybe I’ll update DonatorRank one day...
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    Introduction - Jakkee

    Always good for the new users to know more about the users that have been around here a long time ;););):D
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    Introduction - Jakkee

    I might as well kick things off first. You won’t see me often but I lerk the forms and discord. I’m here to develop plugins and help out where I can. I’m not as active as once was due to working a new career which takes up wayyyyy to much of my time. I’m currently living in Australia so if you...
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    Auth error RB

    Post errors of the plugins that don't load
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    Auth error RB

    Failed to update - your client failed to get the latest update. Could be failing connecting to the master server (if RB does this - Someone will have to confirm). Maybe disable anti virus/firewalls and check. Also is IronPython loaded on the server?
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    Auth error RB

    hard to tell what’s going on here. Could you post your server logs and Client RB logs? If you’re getting AuthError then AuthAllow plug-in is not running?
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    Approved WithoutServiceBurn

    What’s with the plugins name? :D:D
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    It’s Ice Cold @Revezunds