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    idea in Rustbuster

    It has been already in progress and achieved by one of our Developer @salva you can follow the progress here:
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    How to install RB plugins?

    Download the plugin and add it to the folder where required .py plugins in pyplugins and c# in Modules and save respectively
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    Approved Duel

    Can you block also a player to player Teleport, and if there is any kind of command related to teleporting is a few players still found a way to abuse now this time with another method I will DM you.
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    How to install RB plugins?

    just banned all other spams, no need to ask they have been told multiple times.
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    How can i update RB srvr

    Download Rustbuster serve the latest version and copy the files and replace. i will suggest downloading a pre-made server file the latest version with the latest update of Fougerite version and Rustbuster
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    Legacy server requirements

    just get a regular VPS to host if you want to host on a dedicated machine 8 GB ram will be enough. Cpu cores and connections are not much matter a decent one should work fine.
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    Problem connecting to a local server.

    Check if you have your ports opened.
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    Approved Duel

    The plugin has a bug need to be fixed. players can suicide in duel while tping home and can get easy P250 or weapon
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    Auth failed: steam auth denied user

    Seems like as I suggested the second suggestion that you are not eligible to download the resource. see how fougerite community works are we prefer to know our community a bit better you can not just hop on and download. Go here and introduce yourself...
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    Approved [CN]DreamSkyRust Server

    Your server is added in the list but it is offline and inactive, keep it online and active. Inactivity may lead to discontinuation of server from the list.
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    Auth failed: steam auth denied user

    Go to any resource you need to download and find the like button for the resource or plugin and click it, and after that, you can download the plugin. If still, you can not download the plugin that means you are new and have no posts to make you eligible to download resources.
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    Auth failed: steam auth denied user

    You need to like the plugin/resource before having permissions to download it
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    Approved NoSuicide

    As the name says"No suicide" Players can not suicide.
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    Approved [CN]DreamSkyRust Server

    Will check soon, keep it live and active, Cheers!!