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    Approved ChatFix

    True i agree, so i believe it will be built in version 2.0? in that case this is the only one plugin on aCwGaming which runs on magma. i would remove it
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    Approved ChatFix

    Hello, Can you please convert it into Py plugin or other then Js PLUGIN? Thnx
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    Hey Ice :) mmmm or Kiro , why you need to make a fake profile?
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    Approved LightFog

    Tested working perfect, though it is not automatic each player has to select or click it to activate. not fully automated for everyone. Though a very nice one.
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    Approved Arcs RustBuster Server |Kit|NoWipe|TP|Friend|Home| x10

    All is well keep server active you can expect approval soon , Cheers!
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    Approved BLACK SS3 | Kit | Home|PvP|X2|#SERVER Thailand|

    All is well keep server active you can expect approval soon , Cheers!
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    You can not its Removed by him

    You can not its Removed by him
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    Approved Duel

    i have a request to make also to check a bug within the plugin. Bug: the Items in inventory is not saved and after the duel, you do not get inventory back. that means, if i accepted duel with Items in inventory i will spawn with Gun and meds etc. but once anyone won, we will spawn without...
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    Approved AntiBadWords

    Please add a possibility to change the blacklisted word into another Example: a player abuse and the word blacklisted changed to an already selected word by admin.
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    Approved LightFog

    @watsitfts Hey, Did you tried to figure out the bug and fixed with a solution we discussed earlier on discord, as it let only admin see and remove Fog and light. It will be suitable and good if it works for all players too. As an admin can turn on light and all players can also see light in the...
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    Approved TeleportMap

    I also wanted to suggest a new name to make a bit more sense. Maybe Map teleport or Teleport map Just a suggestion
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    Rustification | x6 Gather | Wipes every month

    Server is Offline , please make sure to keep it online for checking.
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    Servr is Offline Please make sure it is online for Checking.
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    queunkevin's rust server pvp X5 [hungergames][tp][home]

    The server is Offline please make sure it is online to be checked.
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    Error : Facepunch_connector_cancelled

    Di you followed all steps as required to create a server and setit up in the way as needed? Also can you name the file you downloaded to create a server?