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    Approved Wiper

    @DreTaX The plugin is still crashing the server on checking for 7 days old objects, I'm not using the Decay, so something is going wrong and I believe probably something is throwing null and crashing the loop, haven't investigated the code, but it's doing it only with 22k-23k objects on the map....
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    Approved Wiper

    Hey @DreTaX , I've been using the plugin for 2 weeks now and recently we started experiencing crashes which results in a total server shutdown even closing the console window of the server with the last thing in the log: Your plugin is the only one that I'm using to clean old objects, can you...
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    Approved SpareSupplies

    @Revezunds Here is a quick example of the fix: def Recycle(self, Player, Name): try: if Player.Inventory.HasItem(Name, 1): Item = Player.Inventory.InternalInventory.FindItem(Name) Player.Inventory.InternalInventory.RemoveItem(int(Item.slot))...
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    Arrow Recovery 1.0.0

    Auto Recover Arrows on NPC/Player Hurt (currently) based on Percentage Chance per hit. This plugin was originally started by @Doctor and fixed several times by @DreTaX until it was discontinued. So it was requested in discord for updated version in C#, its rather simple plugin so there was no...
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    Approved Wiper

    Right, so using this plugin will reduce potential lag caused by the Rust Decay, gotcha. Thanks!
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    Approved Wiper

    Is using this plugin better than using the default Fougerite Decay system? I'm puzzled which one should be better for auto decay?
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    Approved Discord WebHook Bot

    Well, as long its put in the right place, I'm happy enough. Too much of a headache knowing the right methodology, main thread, sub thread... :rolleyes:
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    Approved Discord WebHook Bot

    Thanks! I was wondering wtf is this: [Python DiscordBot.On_PlayerConnected] Took: 0s (179ms) My Rust skills are Rusty, but I'm getting back on track! :p
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    Approved Discord WebHook Bot

    SPooCK updated Discord Bot with a new update entry: Main Thread Fix Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Discord WebHook Bot - Main Thread Fix

    As suggest from @DreTaX , I've put the plugin handling the Web POST in the Main Thread, which should reduce any existing lag/delay.
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    Approved Discord WebHook Bot

    Noted. Just warming up to the old Legacy development. :p I would have preferred doing it in C#, but since its not yet supported for dynamic reloading, a small plugin like this, I would think it's better left in Python for now.
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    Approved Discord WebHook Bot

    SPooCK submitted a new resource: Discord Bot - WebHook Standalone Discord Bot Read more about this resource...
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    Discord WebHook Bot 1.0.1

    Standalone Discord Bot What it does? Simply allows you to hook your Rust Join, Leave & Chat log into discord WebHook Bots. Configuration Pretty much the INI configuration is self complementary. Settings: JoinName, LeaveName & ChatName - Contains the Bot Name regarding Join/Leave or Chat...
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    I believe I did :D But who knows, I may emerge from some hole one day or whatever xD

    I believe I did :D But who knows, I may emerge from some hole one day or whatever xD
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    Fougerite Documentation

    Well the idea is nice but i've switched developing on LUA lately that why i'm not active here because its seems to handle to stuffs there more easy without major lag problems and errors also im eager to learn C# but dont know from where to start really coding is like my hobby (like GYM lol) not...