1. M

    Block ''End of the world areas'', Block constructions in the end of the map

    It's a well know fact that many people build their base in the end of the map , which is pretty annoying because it's a big area to find. These areas don't have loot(Stone , wood , etc ) and just makes harder to raid some hidden bases. Follow the example in the image! Att, Mathews
  2. xandeturf

    RustBuster Report Bug's

    1- I get pictures of players offlines or when they enter into no-rustbuster servers. 2- Problems with nick, reason use "@" cause is not using rustbuster (kick) 3- timeout 4- Delay when a rustbuster screnshot occurs 5- Error in identifying administrative mode on (Windows 7 Service Pack 1...
  3. xandeturf

    Solved On_ServerInit C# problem ?

    I was using Hook On_ServerInit and I noticed that it activates before the server is initialized his is certain?