1. SPooCK

    Discord WebHook Bot 1.0.1

    Standalone Discord Bot What it does? Simply allows you to hook your Rust Join, Leave & Chat log into discord WebHook Bots. Configuration Pretty much the INI configuration is self complementary. Settings: JoinName, LeaveName & ChatName - Contains the Bot Name regarding Join/Leave or Chat...
  2. ice cold

    DiscordWebHooks 1.0

    DISCORD WEB HOOKS!! With this plugin you can send contents to your discord webhooks DOCS!! Python!! import clr clr.AddReferenceByPartialName("Fougerite") clr.AddReferenceByPartialName("DiscordWebHooks") import Fougerite try: import DiscordWebHooks except ImportError: raise...
  3. BogdanWDK

    Discord Webhook Lib 1.0

    DISCORD WEBHOOKS CLASS Features: 1. 3 Types of messages - Normal - Embed - Colored Embed 2. MySQL Support (.SQL Not provided) 3.Fully Configurable Requirements: - Webhost for PHP Files Usage ( Example only given for Python) ...