legacy lives

  1. KillerHD

    [RB 2.1.0] IstanbulRust Vanilla|Airdrops|Clans|Home|TpFriend|Share

    Server Properties Name: Istanbul Rust IP: Location: France Client: RustBuster Client Max Players: 75 Ram: 8 GB Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.00 GHz Server Config RustBuster Version: 2.1.0 Fougerite Version: 1.7.8 Gather Rate: 0.8 Pvp: On Sleepers: On Fall Damage: On...
  2. samvds

    Legacy Lives V5 - [Next wipe: 17-11|Perfect Configuration|RustBuster|Recycling|Custom Map]

    ☢ Legacy Lives! ☢ Upgraded from Oxide to Fougerite. ___________________________________________ Download our installer now, for an ultimate playing experience: Click Here! Oviously, the work on our server never stops! Find out where to find us at the bottom of this thread to keep up with our...