1. KillerHD

    [RB 2.1.0] IstanbulRust Vanilla|Airdrops|Clans|Home|TpFriend|Share

    Server Properties Name: Istanbul Rust IP: Location: France Client: RustBuster Client Max Players: 75 Ram: 8 GB Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.00 GHz Server Config RustBuster Version: 2.1.0 Fougerite Version: 1.7.8 Gather Rate: 0.8 Pvp: On Sleepers: On Fall Damage: On...
  2. McRustReloaded

    ONLINE| AbsolomRust|Meteorites|NEW LEGACY (!) Survival/PvP|24/7|RB|CUSTOM|EVENTS|NEW NIGHT|

    !!! To play on our server u need our Installer !!! it is just 168mb big = https://mega.nz/#!L2gxGDoZ!AOvLaKNDMur1kjYummdFymz9Rp-8A_x4uja7OFx0xmo Just choose your RB_data folder in installer and click install, thats it ! If this folder "RB_data" doesnt exist, just create this folder and run...
  3. samvds

    Legacy Lives V5 - [Next wipe: 17-11|Perfect Configuration|RustBuster|Recycling|Custom Map]

    ☢ Legacy Lives! ☢ Upgraded from Oxide to Fougerite. ___________________________________________ Download our installer now, for an ultimate playing experience: Click Here! Oviously, the work on our server never stops! Find out where to find us at the bottom of this thread to keep up with our...
  4. enes35001

    Approved GoldenRust

    Serverıp: ServerPort: 28015 Kullanarak RustBuster?: Evet Fougerite Server?: Evet