1. TrinityGameZone123

    BalkanRust | 1x Gather | PvP | TP & Home | Active Admins | Airdrops | Clans |

    Welcome to BalkanRust Community. We are a group of experienced Rust players coming from good old days of Rust Legacy. We had one of the best servers on cracked Rust clients with a lot of active admins and a good community. Now we are back to Rust and we are bringing a new server with us...
  2. Slaytonw

    BattleField DeathMatch 1.0.0

    BattleField 1.0.0 Features: Spawn protection on the Battlefield for 10 seconds. Map (de_dust2 cs map) preconfigured. Restricted commands: /home /tpa /destroy /starter. Stores the inventory of the players when they join to the BF. Teleports players back to their last location. Backpack...
  3. C

    NexusRust v1.0 RustBuster Official Server | 2x | Wipe 2 Weeks | Loot++ | PvP Server |

    ServerIP: net.connect nexusrust.v4host.com:28018 ServerPort: 28018 Using RustBuster?: Yes Fougerite Server?: Yes Server Owners: Tonho14 and ClayRoot