1. SPooCK

    Discord WebHook Bot 1.0.1

    Standalone Discord Bot What it does? Simply allows you to hook your Rust Join, Leave & Chat log into discord WebHook Bots. Configuration Pretty much the INI configuration is self complementary. Settings: JoinName, LeaveName & ChatName - Contains the Bot Name regarding Join/Leave or Chat...
  2. Sissene

    GlobalEmotes 2.0

    *NEW* Discover the new emotes for rust legacy chat ! Commands : /emotes - Show Help List /emojis - Display emotes list NOTE : The v2.0 is now compatible with C# ! Enjoy :)
  3. Sissene

    PlayerInfo 1.0b

    This is a PlayerInfo plugin for admins and moderator written on Python. Command: /info (PlayerName) WARNING : This Plugin require RustPP ! Enjoy ;)