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    Approved GAutoDownloader

    gintaras submitted a new resource: GAutoDownloader - Sends files to player pc Read more about this resource...
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    GAutoDownloader - GAutoDownloader

    Description: GAutoDownloader is created for server developers to make life little bit easer With this plugin you just insert files into "AutoSendFiles" folder ant players will get all files and folders. Technical info: First time running it will create AutoSendFiles folder in main directive of...
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    Custom craft recipes

    in player crafting will not show how much it cost it it easy to make but you will make your players angry
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    Is it possible Fougerite in Linux? (WINE OR NATIVE)

    yeap ir works i had server for 2 months but its like lottery when wine will make shit crash :D its like 1h or 72h random shit
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    Fougerite Official

    it is implemented check configs there is multitreding save. ofcorse in new version. I dont tested because i dont have server anymore
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    Source code of mck

    I'm ending my server admin days so i will share my server goods. Here is rustbuster plugins source code
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    Fougerite Official

    Only this or with ulink stuff?
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    Approved G Aim

    Heap salva doing it i think he will share i done to map but i think salva making better map so i waiting when he will share.
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    Approved HungerGames

    BUG : if player is on ceiling and comes back from game its get trow ceiling...
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    Fougerite Official

    Sleepers dont die with last update ulink
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    Fougerite Official

    Maybe you looking into all core ? maybe can you make a prnt screen?
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    Fougerite Official

    And maybe consider about not multicoring its funny to see my server core workload 8x3.4 my server and where is src 1st core 0 players - ~ 40% 10 players - 65% 20 players - 75% 30 players - 80-90% more (not reached shit server to hard to play for players :DD ) but I think my server would get...
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    Fougerite Official

    check your cpu performance of 1st core
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    Fougerite Official

    ohhh so there can be more problems. like internet connection modems and so on. if you not hosted your server in datacenter. You checked your plugins? like try to take out and see what happens (Python.unload PluginName or smth)
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    Fougerite Official

    2.6 GHz this can be problem legacy not multicoring very well... and wow your server ~80eu if it is from ovh you using your server like 5% for legacy but i think its in plugins problem or soft