RustBuster Client

RustBuster Client 2.0.4

  • Nothing serious just realised i had an old link here. I will be uploading a fresher version too maybe, with a new launcher.
Optional update.
  • Nothing special, just updated, and added licensing information about the client, and some instructions for the users where they can read about the frequent problems if they would have any.
Nothing new besides that.

  • Updated LumaEmu to 1.9.7!
  • This was neccessary since the old LumaEmu is generating an ID (76561197960266962) which is used by multiple users in Rust! (I Noticed even RustBuster users were also connecting with this, atleast some of them) This means that who ever is using that ID needs to change It using an unban tool, or try upgrading with this client. It's because if somebody is playing with that and gets banned, the other persons using that ID will be banned too for no reason.
  • Some fixes
  • Maybe solved that on some pcs RustBuster keeps re-launching as admin (?)
  • Included a NameChanger in this package!
  • Included RustBusterVerifyer 1.1 If there would be any sort of problems!
Autoupdater will also download the 1.2.6 update, but the client won't be upgraded to LumaEmu 1.9.7! I recommend to download this though!
  • Bunch of changes, It was necessary to do.
There was a mistake where rustbusterhelper was in the managed folder and caused problems. You may re-download the client or delete rustbusterhelper from the managed folder manually.
All working now as promised.

Sorry for the trouble guys.

Thanks taryn for uploading.
Update that makes the client stable, and the autoupdater work fully.