SpareSupplies 1.3.3

Recycle your spare building supplies.

  1. Fixed Blueprint Compatibility

    Fixed Blueprint Compatibility
  2. Indent fix

    Didn't work because of wrong indentation.
  3. Added blueprint support and fixed bugs.

    I added in support for blueprint recycling.
    This will now give you one paper per blueprint.

    "/recycle kevlarpantsbp 3" will give you 3 paper.

    This is perfect in combination with my Copyright and BlockPaper (tba) plugins.

    Also, the bug where it would sometimes take your armour when recycling, or just pushing out random items, is fixed.
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  4. Fixed a simple, yet annoying bug.

    Plugin should now work without issues.
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  5. Added items

    Added recycling support for:

    Spike Wall
    Large Spike Wall
    Sleeping Bag
    Low Quality Metal
    Cloth Armour
    Leather Armour
    Kevlar Armour
    Weapon Mods
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