1. BackmanS-

    PlayZ Network [BR] - Loot+++

    ServerIP: ServerPort: 28016 Using RustBuster?: Yes Fougerite Server?: Yes
  2. samvds

    Legacy Lives V5 - [Next wipe: 17-11|Perfect Configuration|RustBuster|Recycling|Custom Map]

    ☢ Legacy Lives! ☢ Upgraded from Oxide to Fougerite. ___________________________________________ Download our installer now, for an ultimate playing experience: Click Here! Oviously, the work on our server never stops! Find out where to find us at the bottom of this thread to keep up with our...
  3. ice cold

    Commands on Client side plugins

    he are we able in the future to put commands inside Client side plugins like in a map plugin /madd and it wil show your friends with a blue dot
  4. Abdurrahman2234

    RustBuster GameConfig couldn't connect to host

    Hello, I can't use RustBuster Client. My Friend have a server in RB but I can't join it. I can't join any server. Server list is not loading. I looked at console, when I'm trying to connect to my friend's server, it says "GameConfig couldn't connect to host". How can I fix this, can you help me?
  5. O

    Cant download rust buster

    mega is anoying i downloaded too much stuff from there so i cant download anything from there because i used proxys and vps and they blocked my ip so i cant download anything from there can some one send me a media fire link ? thanks :D
  6. B

    Solved RustBuster Client Problem

    Hello, I have a problem. Everytime when I open "RustBuster2016Helper.exe" or "RustBuster.exe", Rust everytime crashes with this problem in CMD. I don't know why is it happening, I opened "RustBuster2016VerifyerAndUpdater.exe" almost 20 times, it said it fixed all problems and again when I open...
  7. enes35001

    Approved GoldenRust

    Serverıp: ServerPort: 28015 Kullanarak RustBuster?: Evet Fougerite Server?: Evet
  8. C

    Help me! Does not connect !!

    Well when I start my game the servers stay like this. When I enter the connection screen '-' And it stays like this all the life does not leave of there '-' Help me
  9. L

    Solved How to disable RustBuster ScreenShots ?

    I need to disable RustBuster ScreenShots please help me.
  10. xandeturf

    RustBuster Report Bug's

    1- I get pictures of players offlines or when they enter into no-rustbuster servers. 2- Problems with nick, reason use "@" cause is not using rustbuster (kick) 3- timeout 4- Delay when a rustbuster screnshot occurs 5- Error in identifying administrative mode on (Windows 7 Service Pack 1...