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KitSystem 1.0.6

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Several problems when creating the kit was messing up, so I had to make some changes.
Now all the commands are separated.
/akit <kitName> <options> <description> - The only thing that needs to be the first and the kit name the remainder can vary their positions without affecting the final result.
/rkit <kitName> - to delete the kit.
/kit <name> - bug in the list of kits resolved.
There was no change in the date or plugin configuration so it will not be necessary to delete it so that the re-creation is done.
After several errors in the previous versions, finally get a stable version, with the autokit and the system of givar kits by slots working, in case you find some error I ask you to report to be tidy.
There was a mistake on my part and I ended up sending version 1.0.3 to in-time from 1.0.4, now it's correct.

Now you can add kit having the items in specific slots. Being able to put clothes, weapons in own slots.
Updating the PermissionsManager DLL.
Listing of kits corrected.
In view of a bug found in the plugin we update to resolve it and at the same time update the reference 'fougerite.dll'.
Saving all the dates of the kits along with the added server map.
the error of only the 1 player able to get the kit that had maximum of uses was solved.