LegitRaid 1.2.4

No permission to download
Some fixes that were in 1.2.3

Update to the latest Fougerite API.
Added Permission support

This plugin is still obsolete, bugs will probably not be fixed, and I still do not recommend to run this with a RustBuster server.
  • Added a feature that should now stop the abusers of the friend command against raiding. When a random guy goes on a foundation or a ceiling that is not owned by him, and places a storage/stash there, he will be added to a list in the DS. He still won't be whitelisted, but when the owner of the house gets raided, the raiders will be able to open those too. This should work all the time, and there shouldn't be problems like "Admin I can't open this chest, but we used explosives" (This only starts working if the storage was placed, and possibly will mostly work when fresh servers AKA wiped ones start using this update. People who leave their chests, and won't place new ones will still not get on the system.)
  • Added /flushlegita to flush that DS table
  • https://github.com/dretax/LegitRaid/commit/72dc5d0b318d0dde3715d144b37e43fee5707d47
  • Fixed Time To Loot Message Display