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TpFriend 1.1.1

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Fixes of some errors, better type checks, added new commands, see main page
Added a new config option CheckPermissionsForDefaultCommands, check main page
Added support for PermissionSystem
Code improvements
Pending list is now ConcurrentList, as TpFriend uses timers, and the main thread to modify and access this list. Not so healthy, this way It will work as It is intended
I still need more testing and feedback
Read earlier changelogs.
This release is beta and needs testing. I tried to convert it as correctly as possible.
New configuration file is required, and you also have more options now.
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  • Bunch of fixes
  • Bunch of additions/Config options
Some preparations for EAC
Compatibility with HungerGames.
Avoiding the dizzy hack detection kick, I'm now only tping the player. I'm leaving the jobs for FAC and avoid the conflicts with FAC