rust legacy

  1. Assassin

    Duel 1.0

    Hi,:cool: first of everything i must say that i did this plugin for my Server 4 months ago as a Private Plugin,some function ares from TpFriend plugin by @DreTaX So lets say a thank you to Mr.Dre :);) You can Send Duel request to target player with this Plugin I made somethings that prevents...
  2. bonzin123

    Permission system with defined time

    A plug-in that sets the days of vip to the player, after the time of the vip permission finishes the player loses the permission. With a PermissionsManager presence
  3. mohammadreza.h1381 Server |pvp|airdrops|homesystem|low ping|gather plus|

    ServerIP: ServerPort: 28015 Using RustBuster?: Yes Fougerite Server?: Yes
  4. samvds

    Legacy Lives V5 - [Next wipe: 17-11|Perfect Configuration|RustBuster|Recycling|Custom Map]

    ☢ Legacy Lives! ☢ Upgraded from Oxide to Fougerite. ___________________________________________ Download our installer now, for an ultimate playing experience: Click Here! Oviously, the work on our server never stops! Find out where to find us at the bottom of this thread to keep up with our...
  5. L


    on server when hit wood pile get like 190+ wood eath hit . how to lower it ?
  6. F


    Zero Gaming | ESP-ENG| GATHER X3 | KIT | HOME | TPA | ANTIGLITH / NOHACKERS We invite you to a new server from Latin America and the United States where they can play with very low latency, we also have AntiHack and AntiGLitch From fougerite Come and join this new experience...
  7. ice cold


    __________________UBERRUST OFFICIAL__________________ check our site discord channel RustBuster CLIENT ____________________________________ About Uberrust Mod fougerite and rust ++ 8X8X8 LIMIT Autodrop every 60 minutes ____________________________________ servers official net.connect...