Fougerite Official

Fougerite Official 1.8.3C

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  • Added a complete set of Permission system inside fougerite. Plugins can now hook on this system and validate rights. My plugins will be switched to this system once i have enough time. I'll have a post explaining it on the wiki.
  • Added On_Logger event on demand. Wiki post will be made about It. It runs when the Fougerite.Logger functions are called.
  • Fixed minor startup issues. The C# plugins will be initialized first, and then Python.
  • SQLite DB will be initialized before any plugins.
  • Fixed On_Console for not running when fougerite commands are executed. Also done some major code fixes in there.
  • The player class received an ConsoleCommandCancelList along side with console restriction functions aswell. Now you can restrict console commands for players individually aswell, not just chat commands.
  • Fixed Rust++'s XML name string handling hopefully. Illegal characters shouldn't appear in the XML file causing an error.
  • Added a /sharelist command for Rust++. This command was long awaited.
  • Rust++'s default config was modified a little bit.
Excuse me for the delay. This build contains some fixes, and patches against the flooder issues.
The build has been tested for 2.5 weeks seems to run well. Patcher is not included for now, use the latest prepatched dlls.
Source update comes later.
  • Fixes
  • New CTimer class
  • Rust++ bugfix in Fougerite
  • Correct error handling at approval event
  • Added a new On_BeltUse hook
  • Lots of crash exploit patches.
  • Fixes.
  • Fixing shotgun issue.
  • ShotgunEvent improved, you now have more possibilities.
  • ShootEvent improved also.
  • Due to the patching failure the actual deployable patch was not working correctly, and there was also a mess up at the Structure patch. These are now fixed, and the deployable crash bug should also be finally resolved.
  • Small fixes at the JS engine.
  • Jakkee added the possibility to disconnect a user via a netuser reason.