Fougerite Official

Fougerite Official 1.8.1

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  • Fixes
  • New CTimer class
  • Rust++ bugfix in Fougerite
  • Correct error handling at approval event
  • Added a new On_BeltUse hook
  • Lots of crash exploit patches.
  • Fixes.
  • Fixing shotgun issue.
  • ShotgunEvent improved, you now have more possibilities.
  • ShootEvent improved also.
  • Due to the patching failure the actual deployable patch was not working correctly, and there was also a mess up at the Structure patch. These are now fixed, and the deployable crash bug should also be finally resolved.
  • Small fixes at the JS engine.
  • Jakkee added the possibility to disconnect a user via a netuser reason.
  • Possible exploit patches
  • Stabilization fixes
  • Fixed an issue which caused the priority loading to be fucked up at plugins and causing issues / errors.
  • Fixed a bug in Fougerite.dll
  • Had wrong prepatched dlls in the package. Updated them sorry.
  • Recompiled Fougerite.dll and the patcher just incase also.
  • No changes, the release file accidentaly contained the IronPython.Deps.dll file. Delete it from your server (Managed folder)