RustBusterServer 2.1.1

Smaller performance fixes in the client alongside some fixes.
  • Coding fixes, and such improvements.
  • TCP communication should be a lot more faster, and smoother. Please test, and do feedback.
  • New config option. Reset your cfg file, or use the main page to write the new one in.
  • The default values of the config changed.
  • Client side plugins should be loading much faster now when there is a lot of them.
  • +20 characters for the server name limit in the browser.
Debugged the problem further, two more issues fixed.
  • Fixes server side and client side. Still doing connection related stuffs, and gathering information.

Fixed the issue when the players were dropped from the server due to communication reasons, and were not able to connect back.
Fixing errors at the authentication event.
Fixed the general error stuff hopefully.
Fixed the mscorwrks.dll issue at client.