RustBusterServer 1.8.9

RustBusterServer files

  1. 1.6.7

    • Anti-Cheat further enchanced.
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  2. 1.6.6

    • Anti-Cheat further enchanced.
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  3. 1.6.5

    • Significantly big amount of changes in the anti-cheat.
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  4. 1.6.4

    • New Client hooks such as playermove, playerhurt, and npchurt were added to work with, i also plan to add new hooks to the client.
    • Some fixes
    • The client should start faster
    • The browser is now loading smoother, but slower, trying to find a way to load the servers faster and cool atm will be fixed.
    • I added some more security and more sort of things are prepared against hacks
    • Some stability increasements.
    • I will be releasing 1.6.5 in a few days or less with anti-cheat...
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  5. 1.6.3B

    • Only Server update
    • Fixed the whole reloading of RB, now you can remove/add clientside plugins without restart, and you can also reload the whitelist with rb.reload
    • The reload process will recreate any RB files, if they don't exist now.
    • Whitelist fix, more detailed logs.
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  6. 1.6.3

    • Small fixes, changed some default values.
    • Memory handling
    • Detection fixes, and boosting the countermeasures
    • Game Speedhack detection
    • Plugin Loading handle changed
    • More precise detections
    • Many many code changes.
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  7. 1.6.2

    • Countermeasures has been added against steamid modification to gain admin access on servers and such.
    • Futher anti-cheat checks have been implemented.
    • Encryption protocols changed! Servers below 1.6.2 WONT be able to process 1.6.2 client requests.
    • I added a whitelist inifile in the Save folder. You can use this feature by typing every admins/mods steamid and hwid into the ini file...
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  8. 1.6.1

    • Crash Fix
    • Stablization
    • Anit-Cheat measures
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  9. 1.6.0

    • Performance Fixes
    • Some Anti Hack features
    • Code Fixes
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  10. 1.5.9

    • Lots of testing went through this phase. False positives cleared, new ways to detect hacks has been added to the release.
    • Fixes included.