RustBusterServer 1.9.5

RustBusterServer files

  1. 1.2.8 v2

    Quick fix one more time, it should be all fine now.
  2. 1.2.8

    • Quick fix
  3. 1.2.7

    • Notification messages are now a lot more cooler if a player doesn't have RB
    • Image saving now stores the 24h format for hours
    • Some links were fixed
    • Server now has the RB Version in the name
    • Bunch of fixes
    • Timeout is in at connection now
    • etc
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  4. 1.2.6 v4

    • Spamming users with messages was a bad Idea, It caused the server to fuck up. Removed them.
    • Added a new config.
    • Message is now sent once, and the Notice popup is also customizable now, and It lasts for 80 seconds. People can notice it much better.
  5. 1.2.6 v3

    • Added a long Popup message that the player is not using rustbuster. It lasts 50 seconds. I think It will make players notice what they need to do a lot more easier now.
  6. 1.2.6 v2

    • Some fixes
    • Added a lot of notification messages
    • Added a new cfg option to customize some parts of the messages.
    • See plugin page.
  7. 1.2.6

    • NON-RustBuster clients should be kicked faster now.
    • Some fixes, etc.
  8. 1.2.5

    • Some error handling
    • Version check coding tweaked
    • RustBusterClient is now able to tell you the current client number on an RB server, It takes some time, but It works =)
  9. 1.2.4

    • Fixed Client crashing at high ping
    • Fixed that RB clients get kicked after a time from not using RustBuster
    1.2.4 seems to be pretty stable enough!
  10. 1.2.3

    • Fixed a bunch of bugs with a lot of tests with taryn
    • Fixed cfg saving
    • Fixed Server not checking RB Clients after a time reported by Sturt (Server side)
    • RustBuster now requires admin rights, and will request It if needed
    • Fixed pinging
    • Updates moved to
    • Most of the connections are fixed up
    Known bugs:
    • Client crashes when having a really really high ping.