Wiper 1.1.3B

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A cleanup of code
No longer uses threads, uses backgroundworker
Needs Fougerite 1.8.3 to function smoothly
World.Entities is outside of the thread call. This should ensure not to have crashes, but may decrease performance on large maps.
  • Wiper has been coverted to C# and now It's much more efficient, and should be faster too.
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  • Fixed threading..
  • Lots of performance fixes
  • Fixed wiper not wiping objects
  • It should not cause lagg now, but If It does, It should take 3-4 secs only. I tested this, I had 33000 objects, and I only had the dates updated. It wiped 8300 objects in 5 secs.
  • Boosted performance
  • Added a new whitelisting command
  • Minor code fixes on disconnect event
  • Making sure that decay removes and updates entity's health, which hopefully updates the color of the entity too.
Nothing serious, just checking if the value exists in the list so we won't get an error.